Sonata en two and a trio


This ninth Amarillis record is an invitation to travel to the rhythm of Telemann's chamber music.

In these trio sonatas, Telemann explores the happiest combinations of timbres between violin and oboe or between recorder and harpsichord with particularly cheerful enthusiasm.. He thus manifests and demonstrates his taste for diversity.

His music, always surprising, transports us to the liking of French influences, Italian and even Polish with a playful spirit, the virtuosity and fantasy that animate his inspiration.

It is a very spiritual Telemann who is revealed to us !

Original cover of the Ambroisie-Naïve edition in 2007 :


Joke (Spain) Exceptional

Corriere della Sera (Italy) Very good review 5*****

Diapason 5*****

World of Music 4 ****


Current wife { avril 2007 } Telemann, a clarity that feels good

"The Amarillis Ensemble, directed by Héloïse Gaillard, revives the freshness of the sonatas of the German composer where flute, baroque oboe, harpsichord, violin, cello and archilute engage in a lively dialogue, playful and bright. »

Diapason { May 2007 }

"If you doubt the genius of Telemann (that we necessarily tend to underestimate when we compare him to Bach or Handel), listen to this quicksilver CD that Heloise Gaillard and her Amarillis accomplices nourish with dazzling features, of joyful flights, humorous rebounds with a grace that is readily underlined by Violaine Cochard's harpsichord and, when part of it is obligated, the archilute who smoothly integrates the continuo. (…) Amarillis brings to this music a robust health which suits him well.. »

World of Music { May 2007 }

«Amarillis opted for a limited continuo bass (a cello, a harpsichord and a theorbo) but well sounding and intelligently distributed according to the character of each movement. David Plantier's violin rivals insolence and mischief with Heloise Gaillard's recorder, that nothing seems to be able to stop. (…) Violaine Cochard shines her harpsichord (copy of the famous Colmar Ruckers) and Emmanuel Jacques, leaving the shadow of the continuo for a while, unveils the refined eloquence of his cello. A generous sound recording keeps the enthusiasm of these five young musicians alive. "

Res Music { 29 mars 2007 } Frédéric Platzer

“The excellent French ensemble Amarillis, masterfully led by flautist and oboist Héloïse Gaillard, gives us a very good overview of his works in solo and trio. It should be noted the presence of two musical rarities : threesomes for top, compulsory harpsichord and continuo. Some of his plays had once been recorded - in the years 60 and 70 ! - by Franz Brüggen and the youthful look brought here is very beneficial, so much for interpretation, impeccable, only for the technical aspect of the recording. It’s not just another baroque music record but an essential part of Telemann’s discography. "

Joke { July 2007 } Jaime Rodriguez Pombo

"The soundness of the interpretation of the Amarillis ensemble is more than remarkable. We are won over by the enthusiasm and energy of the game. A rigorous interpretation, expressive, very high technicality, very far from the restraint and stiffness of other versions. […] The result is vibrant and innovative. »

Classical Net { 2007 } Raymond Tuttle

“Telemann’s wit and variety are showcased on this lively, delightful recording. […] Amarillis is one of those Baroque ensembles whose style of music-making is assertive, sometimes even to the point of roughness. It’s not that the playing is not technically polished, it’s just that it is never allowed to be merely polite and refined. When the music dances, there is no holding it down, and when it sighs, it practically swoons. […] Ambroisie’s superb recording enhances the immediacy of the musicianship. […] ” { 28 July 2007 } Christiane Bayer

Chamber music at its best.
«The Amarillis Ensemble delivers fast-paced things here, energetic and fiery interpretations, which cannot be surpassed in virtuosity and elegance. […]That stands out, that the musicians of Amarillis have opted for the most fast-paced and daring readings. The recently released recordings by others, […] In terms of speed and virtuosity, they do not come close to the fiery and spirited recordings of the ‘Amarillis’ ensemble. […] Heloise Gaillard's play, which is well balanced in all registers, is an especially important component. She has mastered both of her instruments to perfection, where she is heavily inspired by oboe technique in phrasing and intonation when playing the recorder, what is good for your tone. »

Release 2007 - reissue 2017
Label Evidence classics
Distribution Harmonia Mundi



Heloïse Gaillard, recorder, baroque oboe

Violaine Cochard, harpsichord

David Plantier, violin

Emmanuel Jacques, cello

Laura Monica Hermit, archiluth

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