The Amarillis ensemble performs every year in France and abroad in emblematic places : Champs Elysée Theater, Royal Opera of Versailles, Lille Opera, Montpellier, Dijon, Festival d’Ambronay, Festival of Saintes, from Sablé-sur-Sarthe ; international tours in India, in Latin America, in Canada, in China, in Europe (Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy…). Héloïse Gaillard regularly accompanies these dates of cultural events, fun and educational workshops, conferences, of stage edges…


Music Center De Bijloke Ghent

Amarillis (17 musicians) and soprano Patricia Petibon

Patricia Petibon, the famous French soprano, partner of the Amarillis ensemble for many years, brings back to life the time of a program of heroines who are deeply endearing but also guilty in their actions. Crimes and hexes, in the 17th and 18th centuries, are often associated in the dramaturgy. So, Medea, mythical and complex character, multifaceted, loving and passionate, is also cruel and vengeful when human beings, and first of all her lover Jason, turn away from her and betray her.
We find Circe, another figure of magician and lover rejected in theMetamorphosisby the Latin poet Ovide set to music by Jean-Marie Leclair and his librettist, un certain Albaret, who take hold of the subject by 1746 and compose a masterpiece.
Finally Amarillis honors a composer who is dear to him, Jean-Philippe Rameau, who never ceases to set to music characters in love torn by passion, grappling with the emotions and torments of their hearts.
Without forgetting that some dances, such as chaconne, demons tunes, gavotte and other rigaudons, will stir up the fiery spirits of these magicians with tender and passionate hearts.

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Massy Opera

Amarillis (17 musicians) and soprano Patricia Petibon

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The Celestial Vaults

Amarillis (4 musicians), Jean Baptiste Dumora (baritone) and Jean-Paul Mura (actor). Héloïse Gaillard and Tami Troman : conception. Tami Troman (texts, staging),  Nathalie Perrier (light creation), Delphine Sainte-Marie (sculpture), Alain Blanchot (costume creation), Bruno Benne (choreographer)

MéChatmorphoses showcases the states of souls of three heroes : Don Quixote, famous knight errant of Cervantes, the libertine gentleman Don Juan and the Greek sculptor Pygmalion in love with his statue.

Creation of the Amarillis ensemble in co-production with Scènes de Pays in the Mauges, the City of the Voice of Vézelay, the Grand Avignon Opera, Dijon Opera, the Rennes Opera House and the Caen Theater. MéChatmorphoses received the support of SPEDIDAM and the Export Office.




The Celestial Vaults
Reservations at the Grand Théâtre d'Angers : Reservations at the Grand Théâtre d'Angers

Amarillis, artistic direction Héloïse Gaillard (4 musicians)

& the soprano Maïlys de Villoutreys

A vocal program with the soprano Maïlys de Villoutreys which honors the composer Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, one of the few French women of the Baroque period known to this day as a composer.

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Salle Bourgie, Montréal


Amarillis (4 musicians)

Give to hear a melody without words in its most intimate expression, this is Handel's challenge to us, this man with a universal mind, passionate about painting and who knew how to translate into music the whole range of human feelings. These melodies, so suggestive, enter into us, enchant us and leave us no respite.
This program, object of the last Amarillis record, that we have chosen to design around the genre of the trio sonata, was born out of a commission from the Philharmonie de Paris. Sonatas in trio, will be compared with two imaginary Suites in the spirit of the dance suite.

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The Mint – The Mint

Amarillis (11 musicians) and Stéphanie d´Oustrac (mezzo soprano)

After playing alongside Amarillis, Medea, Dido as well as Mary, Stéphanie metamorphoses this time to become this iconic figure of the Baroque era: la Folie, who is embodied in the guise of a character with a thousand facets, excessive as much as extravagant, crossed by the diversity of human passions.

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