Let's help the musicians, Help Amarillis, by allowing it to continue exploring, to create and offer you the best.

By joining the Amarillis association, you demonstrate your commitment to the music we defend

By choosing to donate to us, you participate concretely in our creative actions, dissemination and transmission to all audiences

If you prefer to download the donation/membership form to send to us by mail accompanied by your check : click below.


My membership is tax deductible (at 66 %)
My donation is tax deductible (at 66 %)
  • from 100 €, 1 album offered
  • (real cost 34 €)


• Welcoming your guests to concerts or dress rehearsals

• Open rehearsals with comments, exchanges with artists

• Organization of private performances ( all public )

• Readability of the company's involvement on our printed documents ( show file, programmes, leaflets and posters, press kits… )

• CDs or videos of’Amarillis personalized with the image of the company on the occasion of a collaboration for the release of a media.


Thanks to the law of August 1 2003, you can benefit from a tax deduction of 66 % if you are an individual, and of 60 % for companies. For example give 100 € is like giving 34 € after tax deduction on the donation.

A tax receipt will be sent to you in order to benefit from the provisions in force on donations.


The law of August 1 2003 relating to patronage allows our association to solicit individuals and companies.

In the facts, sponsorship is a financial donation, of products, of technology or a contribution of skills for the benefit of works of general interest.

A reduction in your corporation tax 60 % the amount of donations, within the limit of a ceiling of 0,5 % of your turnover H.T. (with the possibility of transferring the surplus to 5 following exercises).

For individuals, a reduction of 66 % of your income tax up to the limit of 20 % of your taxable income (beyond this threshold, report possible sur 5 years).

Communication and public relations counterparties for your company capped at 25 % of the donation amount.

60% tax reduction and 25 % counterparties, i.e. an overall advantage of 85% the amount of the donation for the corporate sponsor !