Let's help the musicians, Help Amarillis, by allowing it to continue exploring, to create and offer you the best.

En adhérant à l’association Amarillis, vous témoignez de votre engagement envers la musique que nous défendons

En choissisant de nous faire un don, vous participez concrètement à nos actions de création, de diffusion et de transmission à tous les publics

Si vous préférez télécharger le formulaire de don/adhésion à nous remettre par courrier accompagné de votre chèque : cliquez ci-dessous.


My membership is tax deductible (at 66 %)
My donation is tax deductible (at 66 %)
  • from 100 €, 1 album offered
  • (real cost 34 €)


• Welcoming your guests to concerts or dress rehearsals

• Open rehearsals with comments, exchanges with artists

• Organization of private performances ( all public )

• Readability of the company's involvement on our printed documents ( show file, programmes, leaflets and posters, press kits… )

• CDs or videos of’Amarillis personalized with the image of the company on the occasion of a collaboration for the release of a media.


Thanks to the law of August 1 2003, you can benefit from a tax deduction of 66 % if you are an individual, and of 60 % for companies. For example give 100 € is like giving 34 € after tax deduction on the donation.

A tax receipt will be sent to you in order to benefit from the provisions in force on donations.


The law of August 1 2003 relating to patronage allows our association to solicit individuals and companies.

In the facts, sponsorship is a financial donation, of products, of technology or a contribution of skills for the benefit of works of general interest.

A reduction in your corporation tax 60 % the amount of donations, within the limit of a ceiling of 0,5 % of your turnover H.T. (with the possibility of transferring the surplus to 5 following exercises).

For individuals, a reduction of 66 % of your income tax up to the limit of 20 % of your taxable income (beyond this threshold, report possible sur 5 years).

Communication and public relations counterparties for your company capped at 25 % of the donation amount.

60% tax reduction and 25 % counterparties, i.e. an overall advantage of 85% the amount of the donation for the corporate sponsor !