Pastoral tribute to the Sun King


This is the first world recording of a very beautiful unpublished pastoral by Charpentier, fruit of the collaboration between the composer and Molière, to celebrate the tercentenary of Charpentier's death.

Sumptuous choirs, magnificent arias and duets, shimmering and varied instrumental colors make this pastoral a little gem. Program where we also find many unpublished arias as well as instrumental pieces that allow us to happily reveal other facets of Charpentier's music less austere than usual.

In theDrinking tunes, it is even earthiness that reigns and we discover a very irreverent Charpentier for our greatest pleasure !


World of Music * * * *

Diapason * * * *

Diamant International Opera


CSF n°56 { 2004 } An article from CSF magazine

"On the occasion of the tercentenary of the death of the musician, dead in 1704, one of the best baroque formations today, pays tribute to him with a very successful record. »

Diapason { 2004 } 4****

"Pleasant entertainment, chiseled, radiant (…) The choirs of the shepherds are lovely, a cleverly rendered and natural counterpoint. (…) Seraphic wood delivery (Introductory solo by Héloïse Gaillard). »

The World of Music { 2004 } 4****

"The workforce assembled for this recording (a dozen musicians) gives a fair idea of ​​what Mademoiselle de Guise could hear (…) The performers strive to bring to life each episode and each aria of this pocket opera. (…) The supplements playfully alternate "serious" and "drinkable" tunes. The greenness of the last two trios singularly enlivens the portrait of a composer too often imagined confused in devotion. »

Classical { 2004 }

"Of particular note is the performance of the trios (Compass Gregory, Fanchon, and Beautiful little scarlet eyes), with squeaky and facetious accents very well rendered by the singers.

The vocal palette derives its pride from perfect diction and total investment in comedic tunes. (…) A reading that will delight music lovers for the interest in the works she puts on. »

Ouest France { 2004 }

« (…) the celebration of the tercentenary of his death is an opportunity to do him justice.

The young and relevant together Amarillis, led by the ardor of Heloise Gaillard, is working on it with this album. A few small instrumental pieces enrich this delicious program, rich in other saucy, which finds all its fulfillment in the playful performance of Amarillis. »

Free noon { 2004 }

"The Amarillis ensemble deploys its most sumptuous sounds in the preludes, suites and final symphony. La Pastorale The flower crown, which is a rediscovery, is of a touching and safe taste. The five singers do wonders in lighter or more nimble tunes, always interpreted with freshness and sincerity. »

The Marseillaise { 2004 }

"The five vocal soloists and the instrumentalists put all their talent at the service of inventive music, rich in lights, subtle counterpoint, toned and cheerful. »

International Opera { 2004 } Opera Diamond

"Amarillis is instrumentally as inspired as in her Vivaldi concertos. (…) In all twenty six succulent Grand Siècle desserts to garnish your Christmas table. »

Joke { avril 2005 } P.J.V.

«Amarillis interprets music of extraordinary melodic charm with impeccable musicality and good taste […].Intense and theatrical are both duets and trios as Pastoral H. 486, ideal balance between the ever-lively rhythm and variety in expression. Very delicate the Symphony H. 529 which closes the CD. »

Release 2004
Ambroisie-Naïve label
Distribution Harmonia Mundi



Heloïse Gaillard, recorders, baroque oboe

Violaine Cochard, harpsichord and positive organ

Gilone Gaubert-Jacques, Stephanie Pfister, violins

We have Wilmotte, recorders

Eric Speller, oboe

Anne-Marie Lasla, viola da gamba


Cassandre Berthon, Valérie Gabail, sopranos

Robert Getchell, French haute-contre

Jean-Francois Novelli, cut

Jean-Baptiste Dumora, low waist

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