Thanks to its universal language, the music carried by Amarillis is aimed at all audiences, creates links between different aesthetics by opening up to new audiences. Amarillis's educational proposals are part of an original project, multidisciplinary championed by artists and take the form of workshops, concerts meetings, of lectures and commented rehearsals. Partnerships are set up each year and are regularly long-term: for example, Association C’ possible, Academic inspection, conservatoires, music schools, fine arts museums, Municipal Institute, libraries, NS…

| Music Workshop & Dance

In connection with the MéChatmorphoses show

Amarillis regularly invites dancer choreographer Sabine Novel to lead baroque music and dance / body expression workshops. The goal : introduce the baroque universe through movement to the rhythm of Heloise Gaillard's flutes and oboes. It is also an immersion in the history and practices of the Baroque period.

“I enjoyed the trip to the museum and when the lady wore the dress from the time of the Sun King” 3rd year student

Héloïse Gaillard and Sabine Novel, Angers Museum of Fine Arts with students from the Henri Dunant vocational school.

| Music Workshop & Plastic arts

In connection with the MéChatmorphoses show

As part of the imagery creation, drawn, assembly of the figure of the myth / heroine, students were guided by visual artist Delphine Sainte-Marie in a time of musical design with Héloïse Gaillard. An unexpected moment for students and teachers alike !

“I found out when listening to music I could get inspiration” 3rd year student

Héloïse Gaillard and Delphine Sainte-Marie in Fine Arts class at Lycée Henri Dunant

| Support in the discovery of a show

In connection with the Tafelmusik show

Héloïse supports middle school classes in Maine et Loire, nursery and primary schools in the discovery of Amarillis concerts and shows. Several meeting times are planned during the school year (teacher training, intervention in classes, loan of equipment and audio) and ends at the end of the course with a concert or a show at the theater.

All these students from 5e, without exception, were captivated by this concert show which gives to review high quality artists on stage. At the end of the performance, they had the right to an edge of stage with the professional musicians, which was also a great moment of meeting, exchange and sharing as an extension of the concert”  Elisabeth carrere, teacher of musical education and choral singing

Héloïse Gaillard at the Collège de Longué Jumelles

| Master class

On the Suite of dances in the Baroque period

Amarillis frequently works with amateur musicians, students and pre-professionals during master classes on various programs.

At the church of Trier, from 14 h 30, the first concert brought together students and teachers from music schools in the Saumur Val de Loire agglomeration and three artists from the baroque ensemble Amarillis, internationally famous, in a program featuring a series of baroque dances, under the direction of Bruno Montiege. This opening resolutely dedicated to young talents made the nave of this small Romanesque church vibrate.. A performance hailed by the applause of the audience, in which were the parents of the young musicians.” West Mail June 2021

Master class for the Saumurois Music Schools with Héloïse Gaillard, flutes and oboes, Alice Pïérot, violin, Laurent Le Chenadec, basson, Brice Sailly, harpsichord

| Spectacles, guided concerts

In connection with the show Les Caprices de l’Univers

The ensemble accompanies the spectators in the discovery of music and baroque aesthetics. As an introduction to the show Les Caprices de l’Univers, Héloïse Gaillard and Sabine Novel offered a participatory outdoor service. The public was invited to do some dance and body movements specific to the Baroque period guided by the flute tunes of Heloise Gaillard.

In connection with the Melodies in Mind concert

Amarillis also offers guided concerts where musicians present their journeys, their instruments and their specificities.

Héloïse Gaillard also presents in these guided / commented concerts, his work of artistic direction : from research to creation.

In between music time, presentation time and question time, all audiences come together.

Héloïse Gaillard and Sabine Novel at the Bouffées d’Arts 2020 for the participatory show “You said baroque ?’
Alice piérot, violin, guided concert in Rou Marson, October 2020

| Stage edges

Amarillis concludes many of these shows or concerts with stage edges allowing spectators, young and old, to ask their questions to the artists, discuss and exchange during 20 at 40 minutes.

“Why does the puss in boots travel on a scooter? ?” primary school student

“How do you explain that Telemann was not better known during his lifetime ?” history teacher geography at the edge of the Tafelmusik show

Marie van Rhijn, harpsichord, concert at the Greniers Saint-Jean on the occasion of European Heritage Days 2022
On the stage after the broadcast of the recording of the show MéChatmorphoses at the Chanzy Theater of Angers with Héloïse Gaillard and the director Tami Troman

“Does a harpsichord have pedals ?” “Why are there several rows of keys ?”
Young and old, surrounding the pedagogue Marie Van Rhijn after an Angevin concert.

| Conferences

Héloïse Gaillard also shares her passion and expertise during conferences. It accompanies the discovery of Amarillis concerts and shows and tackles the baroque universe through various themes.

Héloïse joins forces with various artists during these presentations, directors, choreographers, musicians who support and complete his remarks by examples and by sharing their disciplines.