The edition 2024 se tient du 26 April to 4 May

The Amarillis Ensemble, the Dôme de Saumur theater and the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud join forces for an international academy, Les Chants d’Ulysse.

Imagined and designed bysoprano Patricia Petibon and flautist and oboist Héloïse Gaillard, artistic director of the Amarillis Ensemble, elle favorise la transversalité et la pluralité des disciplines artistiques. It is aimed at students, singers and musicians, future professionals and emerging artists.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions : / + 33 (0)6 24 35 62 15

This international academy offers to students from 18 years and accompanied minors a personalized musical development course to meet everyone's expectations. It is part of a process of development and enrichment on a personal level while giving access to collective practice and common reflection thanks to the intervention of exceptional artistic personalities..

The AcademySongs of Ulysses offers participants the opportunity to work on the crossing of the arts thanks to multidisciplinarity: master classes and collective workshops (musical improvisation and physical theater). 

concerned public
It is aimed at students, singers or musicians, pre-professionals, and professionals but also to chamber music ensembles made up. Registration is subject to validation by the teacher..
8 maximum students per class in order to promote a personalized approach.

Selection process
Sending a cover letter, CV and a video recording (singers), video or audio (musicians) at the address + formulaire d’inscription à remplir en ligne avant the 30 November 2023.

The pedagogical team

The pedagogical team, gathered around the soprano Patricia Petibon and the musician Heloïse Gaillard, is made up of internationally renowned artists, members of the Amarillis ensemble or loyal accomplices, all sharing a great experience of the stage as well as a passion for the transmission. The sponsor of this Academy is the director, poet, writer Olivier Py. See the speakers on the site.

Course of the Academy

1. At the Dome theater in Saumur

– Daily master classes
It is provided 40 individual lesson minutes.
– Daily group workshops: 4 hours

In music, Improvisation practice with the composer Thierry Escaich
En théâtre physique le duo de metteur en scène Corinne and Gilles Benizio

En danse avec la chorégraphe et danseuse Sabine Novel (compagnie Le Miroir des Songes)

In Pilates with Emma Delahaye

– One hour of group practice daily : Chaque jour une heure est consacrée à une pratique d’ensemble.

le concert de clôture le samedi 4 May 2024 à 17h montrant le travail des participants, avec mise en espace, costumes et maquillage.

2. A l’Abbaye royale de Fontevraud

Le concert d’ouverture le 26 avril 2024. Programme: Carte blanche à Patricia Petibon et l’Ensemble Amarillis.

En soirée, des conférences exceptionnelles animées par la journaliste Chloë Cambreling et faisant intervenir des personnalités du monde artistique et scientifique (2 rencontres auront lieu au Dôme)

Une journée dans les murs de l’Abbaye : -exploration des acoustiques de l’Abbaye, mise en situation des étudiants dans le cadre d’une performance avec l’artiste plasticienne Dominique Paulin, ateliers (en construction)


The teaching of the Academy focuses on technique and interpretation, the works covered in class must therefore have been worked on beforehand. The participants bring a program worked upstream according to the following criteria by discipline. A minimum of 4 pieces of different styles for the following disciplines taught:

  • Singing class
  • Classe de chef de Chant Nouveau en 2024
  • Baroque recorder and oboe class
  • Baroque violin class
  • Baroque Viola and Cello Class
  • Harpsichord class
  • Chamber music class on historical instruments

Diapason 415 Hz (harpsichord) and 442 Hz (piano) 

SINGING CLASS Patricia Petibon
Open to all singers, students, pre-professionals and professionals wishing to perfect their skills in the interpretation of baroque music. The repertoire covered may also be the repertoire of Offenbach and French melody.

Open to professionals or in training with a minimum level of end of 2nd cycle and 3rd cycle.
For flautists: free repertoire to be prepared from the first half of the 17th century until the second half of the 18th century.
For oboists: free repertoire from the end of the 17th century until the middle of the 18th century.


Open to professional or pre-professional violinists and violists, end level 2nd cycle minimum, free directory (French music orientation), 17th and 18th centuries. Gesture work, stage presence and stage fright management.

Open to students with a minimum level of end of 2nd cycle and 3rd cycle, pre-professionals, and professionals.
For violists: Free directory (from the middle of the 16th century until the second half of the 18th century).
For cellists: Free directory (from the end of the 17th century until the beginning of the 19th century).

This course is intended for student harpsichordists from the 3rd cycle, or young professionals wishing to perfect their instrument, whether for solo play, the realization of the continuo or the work of vocal master. The repertoire is left to the choice of the trainees. For harpsichordists, it is also an opportunity to practice ensemble playing and the vocal and instrumental repertoire, in connection with the other classes of the academy.
The Academy is also looking for two students capable of tuning the harpsichords, and provide some of the support recorder/oboe classes, violin and viol or cello. Two students will therefore be able to share the chords and accompaniments during the week. If you are willing, do not hesitate to report. The two trainees who will carry out these missions will have no educational costs to pay.: the Academy will be offered to them, and the return trip from Paris will be reimbursed.

Open to training 2 at 8 pre-professional and professional musicians wishing to perfect their skills in the interpretation of the Baroque repertoire on historical instruments.

A privileged working environment between the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud, UNESCO World Heritage Site and Le Dôme Theater in Saumur, on the banks of the Loire. A friendly atmosphere in two magnificent places conducive to exchange and creative effervescence.

Registration fees

700 euros includes tuition fees and meals (lunches and dinners)
450 euros per person for the Groups formed (educational costs + meal)

Meals and Accommodation

Meals taken together on site to make the most of the training. Caterers provided by the two venues.
Accommodation Offert grâce au soutien de nos mécènes : Mise à disposition de chambres (non mixtes) de 2 at 6 personnes au Centre International de Séjour de Saumur, at 15 min à pied du Théâtre du Dôme. Petit déjeuner inclus. OU par les propres moyens du participants, au choix.