Songs of Ulysses

The Amarillis Ensemble, the Dôme de Saumur theater and the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud join forces for an international academy, Songs of Ulysses, whose first edition will take place from 14 at 22 avril 2023.

Imagined and designed bysoprano Patricia Petibon and flautist and oboist Héloïse Gaillard, artistic director of the Amarillis Ensemble, it will promote the transversality and plurality of artistic disciplines. It is aimed at students, singers and musicians, future professionals and emerging artists.

The arts will meet there, question each other and interact, thus generating aoriginal and inspired artistic effervescence. In this regard, directors will intervene, visual artists, dancers, scenographers, costumiers, astrophysicists, luthiers, in the form of master classes, conferences, of debates…

There will be 12 internationally renowned teachers and speakers during 5 conferences that will take place in the evening. These moments of exchange and meeting will associate in pairs specialists from different disciplines such as a phoniatrist with a freediver., an astrophysicist with a director. Indeed, science changes the way we see the world just like the arts. This isthis complementarity which will be questioned in order to push us beyond the usual borders in an attempt to go beyond them.


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Aopening concert given by Patricia Petibon with artists from the Ensemble Amarillis under the artistic direction of Héloïse Gaillard is scheduled for 14 avril 2023 at the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud. There will be thecreation of a cantata dedicated to the character of Eleanor of Aquitaine, queen and key figure of the Abbey, composed by Thierry Escaich on a poem by Olivier Py.

Aclosing concert will be offered by the students at the Dôme theater on 22 avril 2023, combining music, mime, staging and make-up.

The Chants d’Ulysse logo was designed and produced by Patricia Petibon

“I am proud to sponsor the magnificent project of Héloïse Gaillard and Patricia Petibon.Their vision of transmission far from academicism is an example of interbreeding and openness. We can never link the artistic and the educational enough, the past and the future, the public and the requirement. In these superb places cradled by the Loire and under the heraldry of Eleanor of Aquitaine will invent aunparalleled artistic incubator. Mixing the arts has always strengthened the disciplines, the two fairies leaning over this cradle, meeting and workshop, show and research, have everything to make this adventure a great success. This oasis of intelligence and emotion on the banks of the Loire is for everyone. Those who want to deepen their gesture, those who discover harmonic magic and those who listen and admire fleeting beauty. There is no doubt that there will be created an innovative project essentially built on the democratization of culture. »

 Olivier Py, godfather of the Academy Les Chants d’Ulysse