With Robert Expert


Sacred or secular music ? Throughout this rich program bringing together extracts from operas and oratorios, a cantata and instrumental pieces, Handel leads us, performers and listeners, towards this point where men find themselves beyond their cultures or their beliefs : emotion.

Robert Expert joins forces for this well-composed recital with the fruity verve of the Amarillis ensemble. We find there the time of a duet the soprano Patricia Petibon with whom the trio had recorded their second album.


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The People of the Center { 2004 }

"This disc is removed. At Handel, in the profane as in the sacred, emotion dictates its law. The Amarillis Ensemble and the God Chair Festival , partner of this project, also show that human passions give thickness and flesh to his scores. »

Coda { 2004 }

“You have a shimmering record where countertenor Robert Expert and soprano Patricia Petibon mingle happily with the baroque ensemble Amarillis. »

Sound Review { 2004 }

“Héloïse Gaillard does real wonders with her skin-deep sensitivity, bringing out his recorder, from his baroque oboe magical sounds. His rare sensitivity has already won praise from the Classica press.

We will not fail to be delighted by the deliciously acidic sound of old instruments.. The artists, Violaine Cochard , Lorenzo Colitto et Lisa K. Ferguson, Agatha Blondel, Emmanuel Jacques, Richard Myron and Eric Speller interpret with brilliance and talent Admetto, Flavio…A very successful record. »

Oh there ! { 2004 }

« Carried by the Amarillis ensemble, Robert Expert's Handel is most moving. »

Free Midi { 2004 }

“We gladly allow ourselves to be led through operas and instrumental pieces, to which the sound recording gives a transparency shrouded in light. (…) The performers of Amarillis have a commitment of great musicality. »

ForumOpera Benoît Berger

“The overall sound is still as beautiful, that especially of the oboe and the flute of Héloïse Gaillard, particularly highlighted here, for disturbing duets concertos with the countertenor. As a soloist as well as a “simple” accompanist, the whole has the keys to the Handelian universe, which he renders with incomparable eloquence and an ever-renewed richness of tone, Arcadian sweetness like dramatic torments.The voice of Robert Expert, in the middle of this setting plays with changing colors, from a nuanced song to almost mannerism, with a textual flavor that leaves you speechless. »

ResMusica { 29 September 2004 } Juliette book

“Excellent quality instrumentarium, high level interpretation, all its members are to be saluted hats off. Himself, it is worth the trip – sorry, listening – thanks in particular to Héloïse Gaillard, also artistic director, and Violaine Cochard, who is also a vocal coach, and whose luminous harpsichord flourishes particularly in the Allemande, the theme of which was taken up by Handel for the Sinfonia which opens the third act of Serse. »

Gramophone { July 2005 } David Vickers

« The ensemble Amarillis provide intelligent accompaniment and articulate solos which make the disc worth investigation. »

Release 2004
Ambroisie-Naïve label
Distribution Harmonia Mundi



Heloïse Gaillard, recorder, baroque oboe

Violaine Cochard, harpsichord and positive organ

Lorenzo Collito, Lisa K. Ferguson, violins

Agatha Blondel, alto

Emmanuel Jacques, cello

Richard Myron, bass


Robert Expert, Countertenor

Patricia Petibon, soprano

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