Concerts for flute, for cello


This is an overview of the Vivaldian concert panorama dedicated to the flute and the cello that the Amarillis ensemble offers us in chamber formation for the first time.

In order to recreate a concert at the Ospedale della Pietà, the program alternates between the voices of the sopranino flute, viola flute and cello. It is with great pleasure that this recording reinvents the diversity of colors with the greatest possible flexibility., the rhythmic and dynamic contrasts that provoke drama or melancholy reveries.


World of Music 4 ****

The Music Scene 5 *****

Crescendo (Belgium) Joker (best reward)

Fono Forum (Germany) 4****

BBC music magazine 3,5 performance and sound

Joke (Spain) Exceptional


Diapason { February 2004 }

"... flattered by the elegance of the speech of the beautiful individual soloists, by the subtlety of the accompaniment to one instrument per part, very studied in the precision brought to the dynamic nuances and the color palette, by the care too, the treatment of the basso continuo, delicate and sought after. (…) Heloïse Gaillard, she, likes to take his time to sing at his own pace, denies the shackles of tempo and deliciously titillating the educational, so as not to sacrifice the frank sound of his Lilliputian instrument with a coherent and precise image. »

Classical { mars 2004 }

"Héloïse Gaillard once again proves that she masters both the oboe and the" soft flute ". What variety of tone, what intelligence of the speech ! (…) At these lively tempos, even daring, in which many would have put themselves in danger, the interpreter evolves without any discomfort, accentuates the setbacks, dust lines and streamline speech. (…) We cannot conclude without a final tip of the hat to each member, without exception, of the orchestra that accompanies these two talented artists. »

The World of Music { February 2004 } Philippe Venturini

"This Vivaldian mille-feuille is as tasty as it is contrasted. (…) The virtuosity of the recorder exalts the lyricism of the cello. Héloïse Gaillard perfectly masters her instruments : the sharpness of the attacks, holding the breath, the subtlety of nuances, the ductility of phrasing, the diversity of colors and ornaments enrich the solo melody. (…) Slow movements reveal treasures of poetry. »

Ouest France { 12 February 2004 }

"They take up the challenge with bravery, alongside a group that asserts itself in the French Baroque landscape as it emerges. But we appreciate an elegant and delicate approach that does not depart from a necessary character.. »

Free Midi { 4 mars 2004 }

“Amarillis gives the best-known concertos a new flavor. (…) the flute is incredibly joyful (…). VR adagios 401 et RV 424 are of a real depth of feeling. The liveliness is intact, also present with virtuoso accomplices who do not let themselves be forgotten (…) Sincerity, frank nuances ... A touch of humor clearly affirms the contrasts. If there is a modernity of Vivaldi, It's that one, which opens its imaginary scene to music, his drama, its colors, his painting of shadows and outlines. »

Life { 25 mars 2004 }

"What strikes here, it's more empathy with Vivaldi's music, so rich that its interpretation can always be renewed. Heloïse Gaillard, true soul of this Amarillis set, made him conduct an exceptional sound research. The seven concertos of the Red Priest gathered here therefore turn out to be even more magical than usual.. »

Joke { June 2004 } Pablo Queipo from Llano Ocaña

"This interpretation of Amarillis […] deserves a place of choice among the most remarkable references of the red-haired priest because it is carried out with real virtuosity, an exquisite and eloquent stylistic mastery, at the same time as an expressive sensitivity with force vehemence but without gratuitous effects or excess.
Amarillis offers crystalline transparency of tones, a phrasing of great musicality, a refined tone and simply excellent technical prowess, with the two soloists, the virtuosos Gaillard sisters. »
Newspaper article in Spanish here

BBC music magazine { avril 2009 } George Pratt

« The musicians play with infectious energy […]. They’re rhythmically subtle: they lift the spirit with a hypnotic sewing-machine pulse, but then teasingly release the tension with contemplative moments in the solo episodes. […] Amarillis raises huge, terrifying seas in La Tempestadi Mare, while Héloïse Gaillard’s alto recorder creates spine-chilling night-time ghosts and her sopranino makes a most convincing Goldfinch […]. Thrilling – fast, virtuosic and exuberantly decorated. »

Release 2003
Ambroisie-Naïve label
Distribution Harmonia Mundi



Heloïse Gaillard, recorders

Violaine Cochard, harpsichord

Ophelia Gaillard, cello

David Plantier, Lorenzo Collito, violins

Patricia Gagnon, alto

Richard Myron, bass

Laura Monica Hermit, archilute and guitar

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