Recorder & Oboe Sonatas


The young female trio Amarillis has something to seduce all music lovers, even those who are allergic to performances on old instruments.

This trio has not only reached great maturity today, but also a keen sense of the interpretation of the music included in his repertoire. This new recording brings real happiness, true marriage of love between the greatest of Anglo-Saxon composers and the Amarillis trio.


Classica Recommended

World of Music * * * *


Classical { 2001 } Recommended by Classica

"Héloïse Gaillard is not afraid of contrasts and hits the mark. Bravo ! »

Diapason { November 2001 }

"Careful and delicate reading ... high quality of articulations. »

Arts et Métiers magazine { November 2001 }

"Full of freshness, spontaneity and vigor, these interpretations analyze in depth the different emotional climates of these scores… ”

Music Education { 2001 }

"Héloïse Gaillard plays Häendel with great delicacy and great virtuosity ..."

The World of Music { November 2001 } 4****

“The three musicians highlight the contrasts, animate the rhythms, galvanize the melodies… »

Release 2001
Ambroisie-Naïve label
Distribution Harmonia Mundi



Heloïse Gaillard, baroque recorder and oboe

Violaine Cochard, harpsichord and positive organ

Ophelia Gaillard, cello

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