France (1710-1740)


Amarillis regains its original formation, exclusively instrumental, for a trio program : after Italy and England, France is his chosen land this time around through Rameau’s chamber music, Philidor, Hotteterre, From the Bar, Barrier and Boismortier.


World of Music * * * *


The World of Music { June 2000 } 4****

“Here you can find the best of French music from the first half of the 17th century, including oboe music by Pierre Danican Philidor, the flute and cello by Jean Barrière or the harpsichord by Jean-Philippe Rameau (…) The three musicians of the Amarillis ensemble, joined by Anne-Marie Lasla (bass viol) do full justice to these works. ”

Jean Cossetto { August 2000 }

"The Amarillis trio formed by Héloïse Gaillard, baroque oboe and recorder, of his sister Ophélie Gaillard, cello and Violaine Cochard, harpsichord interpreted radiant pages of the ending Grand Siècle and the Age of Enlightenment… Violaine Cochard elegantly describes her playing and adorns her playing with taste. »

Release 2000
Ambroisie-Naïve label
Distribution Harmonia Mundi



Heloïse Gaillard, baroque recorder and oboe

Violaine Cochard, harpsichord and organ

Ophelia Gaillard, cello

Anne-Marie Lasla, viola da gamba

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