Classical and contemporary training, Sabine is one of the pillar performers of the Montalvo Hervieu Company (National Choreographic Center of Créteil and National Theater of Chaillot) of 1991 at the end of the tandem of choreographers in 2012 as a dancer, then dancer and singer. World tours celebrate the dazzling success of this cosmopolitan company, which has established itself on the biggest stages for a long time. : City Theater, Châtelet Theater, Chaillot TN, BAM the New York, Barbican Center London, Festival A Dance in Wuppertal Pina Bausch, Adelaide Festival, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney opera, Wellington Festival-NZ, Theater of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Castro Alves Theater- Salvador de Bahia, Metropolitan Theater de Tokyo, Festival Roma Europa, Moscow Stanislavsky Theater, Festivals in South East Asia, in Eastern Europe… Fell in love with Baroque art, she has been working with Marie-Geneviève Massé’s l’Eventail dance company since 2004 alternating role creations and revivals (Angelique in Don Juan, Armide in the Ballets de Noverre, the Queen and the Sultana in the Royal Serenade) at the Royal Opera and the Hall of Mirrors at the Château de Versailles, at the Paris Comic Opera, at the Opéra de Nantes and Rennes, at the Riga and Vilnius Festival… Over the years, she has developed a polymorphous artistic personality praised by the press in France (Le Monde-Classique News) in Australia (The Advertiser) and in Brazil (The globe). In 2004 she created Le Miroir des Songes Compagnie Danse et Voix. The Love Clock, the secret, The Precious, The Love Letter, Clorinda, Miscellaneous-Women’s Cities, Utopia are short or long plays that toured in France, in Overseas Guyana-Guadeloupe-Martinique, in Italy at the Rovereto Festival, Bergamo Summer Dance, au Venezuela au Celarg Theater in Caracas, Baralt Theater of Maracaibo, and in which dance and voice are the primary drivers of artistic implementation. Of 2015 at 2017, she is an artist in residence at the Regional Conservatory of Annecy, and created the choreographies for two comic operas : The Theater Director of W.A Mozart and Les Bavards by J.Offenbach with the director and playwright Pierre Kuentz at Bonlieu Scène Nationale d’Annecy. In 2016 she is assistant rehearsal assistant to José Montalvo for the creation Shiganè Naï, at the Seoul National Ballet in South Korea. Of 2017 at 2019 she is a dancer-singer in Tu el Cielo y tu by Cie Berbessou (contemporary dance and Argentine tango) on tour in France. In 2019, she creates the choreography of the Mysterious Princess, staged by Benjamin Prins at the Luxembourg Philharmonic.

After having been a choreographic observer on the concert staged Tafelmusik with the Ensemble Amarillis, she created with Héloïse Gaillard in 2020 the Whims of the Universe, a nomadic piece that is both poetic, musical and choreographic. From this artistic encounter is born several original interventions between performance and transmission. From September to November 2021 she is a dancer-singer at the Stockholm Royal Opera for the baroque creation for young audiences Station Illusion, de Karin Modigh. Pedagogically, she performed for the Théâtre National de Chaillot, the Department of Museums of France, the Compagnie L’Eventail and Montalvo-Hervieu, The Amarillis Ensemble, Germaine Acogny’s Ecole des Sables in Senegal, Venezuela, and Italy, in the Antilles-Guyana, and regularly leads thematic workshops around the body and the voice. She is currently choreographing dance scenes for director Alain Tasma's next series., A dangerous friendship.

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