With clarinetist Louis Sclavis


Invent new words, create a new syntax, this was our challenge in this project conceived as a journey to the heart of the different baroque sensibilities.
Emblematic works of the different musical currents of the Baroque period are resonated with pieces composed or arranged by Louis Sclavis and by saxophonist Matthieu Metzger with this common taste for fantasy and freedom of tone in melodic invention.


France Music The Choice

Nouvelle-Vague.com 5/5

Musikzen Almost ideal

Jazz Culture Yes !

Classic 3 ***


Next Libération { 23 mars 2016 } Guillaume Tion

"An aerial baroque jazz, cut out of tiny silences highlighting the articulations between eras and sounds. "

NouvelleVague.com { 20 avril 2016 } Jacques Lerognon

"Original compositions by Sclavis or Metzger associated with airs by Purcell, Handel or Marin Marais. Almost free jazz improvisations on old cadences. But the key word of this album is indeed the harmony that is at all times, of all titles. Finally baroque or jazz, whatever, music and beautiful. Bewitching! »

Culture jazz { 13 February 2016 } Thierry giard

"This is pure and refined music, elegant by the sophistication of the melodic lines specific to the baroque universe but which is daring and impertinent in the way it shoves the frames without breaking anything. There is no break between the compositions of Louis Sclavis or Matthieu Metzger and those of Hotteterre, Marin Marais or Telemann but an assumed lineage since this music from the past also gave pride of place to improvisation and ornamentation. The involvement of musicians, the appetite for meeting and for common creation that we perceive in this project can only encourage them to follow them ... An exciting and sensitive album. "

Latin jazz { 7 mars 2016 } Nicole and Bernard Videmann

"Everything in this recording contributes to arouse emotions and touch the listener. The fantasy of this project and its freedom of tone augur marvelous listening moments during the concerts that these musicians will give.. Not to be missed ! »

Djam { 12 mars 2016 } Philippe Lesage

"Louis Sclavis hatches something that sounds current without entering into confrontation with the compositions of baroque musicians but keeping the baroque spirit of the many instrumental combinations. It is an enchantment as soon as the recorder launches the first notes of Wars and Preciousness, that she dialogues with the harpsichord and the bows of the cellos. We navigate from the perky baroque dances to the dark mood of the sounds of an Alban Berg before being energized like in film music and drifting towards the very jazz flights of the bass clarinet. The Amarillis Ensemble is in total communion of spirit with Louis Sclavis, Matthieu Metzger and Jean-Philippe Feiss. Imperative detour. »

Classical { July 2016 } 3***

“The most remarkable is the work on the sounds and the instrumental gestures, baroque musicians never being the foil of their jazz colleagues and vice versa. In the balance of the stamps as in the writing of the motifs, we won't hear anything flashy. "

Grey Panthers.it { 28 June 2016 } Ferruccio Nuzzo

«The inventive and often destabilizing sounds of this meeting renew the charm of emblematic music of the Baroque repertoire by associating them with the pieces composed or arranged by Sclavis and the saxophonist Matthieu Metzger in a baroque pulse that magically vibrates with the rhythms inherited from jazz. "

Musikzen { 05 June 2016 } Gérard Pangon

"A successful foray off the beaten track".

Publication 8 March 2016
Label NoMadMusic



Heloïse Gaillard, recorders, baroque oboe

Violaine Cochard, harpsichord

Annabelle Luis, baroque cello


Louis Sclavis, clarinets

Matthew Metzger, saxophones

Jean-Philippe Feiss, cello

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