Antoine Dauvergne (1713-1797), composer and music master of the King's Chamber, director of the Concert Spirituel until 1773, then director of the Royal Academy, finally appointed Superintendent of Music at Versailles, was rediscovered by the general public during theGreat Dauvergne Days organized by the Center de Musique Baroque de Versailles.

The first work on the program of this set is the opéra comique by Antoine Dauvergne: Les Troqueurs (1753). Unanimously hailed from its inception, he quickly became the model to follow : the tone is rustic and the accents popular. The comic that emanates so much from Vadé's libretto (composed on a subject by Jean de La Fontaine) that the score is directly inspired by the tone ofcomic opera then played in Paris, the most obvious model beingThe Servant Mistress by Pergolesi.
The instrumental colors of the winds and strings peculiar to the formation of Amarillis allowed us to serve the contrasting writing of this opera, with very marked affects, and exploit all the subtleties, by giving each tune its specific instrumental color, principle that we also applied in the second work to the program of this recording.

La Double Coquette, premiered and recorded live in december 2014 at the Besançon Theater, reunitesThe Coquette deceived, buffoon opera composed a few months laterLes Troqueurs by Dauvergne in 1753 on a libretto by Charles-Simon Favart, and the music written next to thisCoquettein 2014 by composer Gérard Pesson.
The powerful lyrical breath, the very accomplished sense of the theater and the great variety of stylistic inspiration as well as the comic and parodic play of the orchestra counterfeiting the feelings of the characters - which of course evokesPlatéeof Rameau but also announces the verve of the first works of Philidor - encouraged us to recreate this work of the XVIIIe century by confronting it with another universe that is contemporary to us, admirable and poetic,  that of Gérard Pesson. Based on a text by the poet Pierre Alferi, Gérard Pesson composed a prologue and twenty-four "additions" for the eleven musicians of Amarillis who play the same baroque instruments as inThe Coquette deceived de Dauvergne.

The music by Gérard Pesson and the libretto by Pierre Alferi were commissioned by the Deux Scènes-Scène nationale de Besançon. Editions of the score of the Troqueurs by the Center de Musique Baroque de Versailles. La Double Coquette edition : Maison ONA in collaboration with the CMBV.
 This double album received support from the Music Creation Fund.


Télérama 4 FFFF and Grand Cru 2015

Musikzen Almost ideal

Forum Opéra Favorite (4/4)

Opera Magazine 5 keys

Pinched 5 croches

International Classical Music Awards 2016 Nominé

France Music The Choice

Diapason * * * * – Technique 3/5

Le Monde Newspaper selection

The Bulletin Board 4 ****


Telerama { 27 June 2015 } Gilles Macassar

" Nice gesture !

An opéra-comique by Antoine Dauvergne, contemporary of Rameau, updated for the Amarillis ensemble. Deliciously wacky. […] Let’s applaud creators and performers for subscribing to one of our best musical traditions. »

Opera Forum { 30 September 2015 } Laurent Bury

« […] The eleven instrumentalists led with ardor by Héloïse Gaillard and Violaine Cochard put as much energy into interpreting the vigorous music that Dauvergne lends to the peasants of the Troqueurs as the infinitely more refined tunes, quasi ramelians, which he composes to reflect the disorder of feelings in his Deceived Coquette. And the inventiveness of Gérard Pesson’s music inspires them just as much virtuosity and elegance in their playing. If this whole thing troubles you as it befits you, all you have to do is go see the show on stage. "

Odb-Opera { 7 June 2015 } Emmanuelle Pesque

“The verve of the performers joins a sparkling and sarcastic spirit which flows on the intentions of the creators. […] The Ensemble combines a perky liveliness with a false rustic acidity that makes the violins twirl, vibrate the lines and skip the tempi, laughing as the two heroes of this adventure seem overwhelmed by what they have undertaken ... […] An exquisite box set that contributes to the rediscovery of a whole section of the repertoire. "

Opera Magazine { October 2015 } Jacques Bonnaure

Les Troqueurs: “Alain Buet and Benoit Arnould are excellent, in the earthy genre ; Isabelle Poulenard and Jaël Azzaretti, as for them, are dapper pecores. Everyone pronounces it well, indispensable condition in this fabliau. »
La Double Coquette: "The passage from one century to the next is smooth, with grace and humor. The vocal trio is as balanced as the Troqueurs quartet. We find Isabelle Poulenard, even brighter. The soprano Mailys de Villoutreys is impressive, with a beautiful tone and a perfect technique in the ariettes a vocalises. Robert Getchell, it is the embodiment of French haute-contre, elegant and perfectly designed. "

The cross { 14 November 2015 } Emmanuelle Giuliani

"Amarillis musicians are always in a vein of imagination and fantasy, on a great musical seriousness. "

Music { 22 June 2015 } Francois Lafon

"Interpretation with finesse, plateau without weakness energized by the excellent Ensemble Amarillis. "

Pizzicato { 04 August 2015 } Manuel Ribeiro

« Brilliant singers as well as an excellent instrumental ensemble skilfully perform both works and guarantee constant enjoyment. »

2015 release
Label NoMadMusic
Distribution NoMadMusic



Jaël Azzaretti, soprano

Isabelle Poulenard, soprano

Maïlys de Villoutreys, soprano

Robert Getchell, tenor

Alain Buet, baritone

Benoît Arnould, low


Heloïse Gaillard, recorders & baroque oboe

Violaine Cochard, harpsichord

Alice piérot, Marie Rouquié & Louis Créac’h, violins

Fanny Paccoud, alto

Annabelle Luis, cello

Richard Myron & Ludovic Coutineau,  double bass

Xavier Miquel, oboe

Laurent Le Chenadec, basson

Pierre-Yves Madeuf, Olivier Picon, Lionel renoux & Serge Desautels, hearts

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