“Elisabeth Jacquet of the War : Judith and Sémélé”, the 22th album of the Ensemble Amarillisrecorded by Little Tribeca in November 2021 at La Courroie with the Evidence Classics label is now in stores and on your platforms :

This recording is dedicated to the music of Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre,  one of the few French women of the Baroque era known to this day as a composer.

 Admired by Louis XIV, avant-garde, prodigy harpsichordist and brilliant improviser, this woman has proven to be exceptional in more ways than one. We pay him the honors thanks to this vocal program with the soprano Maïlys de Villoutreys (and 5 musicians). This program presents a vocal and instrumental repertoire that celebrates in cantatas the destiny of two heroic women : biblical brave Judith, dedicated to her people, contrasted with the daring Sémélé, mythological figure whose temerity condemns her in the face of Jupiter.

Musicologist Catherine Cessac, author of the biography “Elisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre, A woman composer during the reign of Louis XIV” (Paris, South Acts, 1995), did us the honor of participating in the writing of the booklet of the album.


Diapason Magazine

classic news, Lucas Irom

“With a beautiful fiery vivacity, the soprano of Maïlys de Villoutreys expresses the energy and temperament of these two strong women with opposite destinies. […] The eloquence of the oboe, the allusive supreme agility of the strings underlines a little more the refinement of a musical writing, in fact solar and twilight, with dazzling and dreamlike shimmers, who knows how to express without frills or gratuitous emphasis. […]  Determined, nuanced, vive, the reading is captivating. »

Release 07/10/2022
Label Evidence Classics
Saved by Little Tribeca


AMARILLIS, Artistic direction: Heloïse Gaillard

soprano : Maïlys de Villoutreys

Alice piérot: Violin

Eleanor Lewis Nailed : Viola da Gamba

Marie Van Rhijn: Harpsichord

Gauthier Broutin: Cello

Marc Wolff: Théorbe

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