Last return photos of our resumption of concerts in the Pays de la Loire region

Mardi 22 June we gave our TAFELMISIK show at the Théâtre Le Dôme in Saumur

A beautiful recovery also synonymous with pedagogy since an educational course offered to the colleges of Saumur ended.. A beautiful moment of sharing during the edge of the stage given by Héloïse Gaillard accompanied by the dancer choreographer Sabine Novel, the violinist Alice Pierot and the bassoonist Laurent le Chenadec.
Well done again to the rest of the team : Matthieu Camilleri, Laurent Muller, Keiko Gomi, Ludovic Coutineau, Violaine Cochard, Jean-Pierre Michel, Benjamin richard, Lisa Beaugey and Sandrine Legrand.

Thank you to the Dôme for its welcome !

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