After studying at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Musique in Paris (teaching and concert license) and at the CNSM in Paris (First prize for piano, chamber music, vocal accompaniment and choir direction), Erika Guiomar obtains the SACEM and Ministry of Culture prizes in chamber music at the FNAPEC competition as well as a first prize and the Audience prize at the Guérande International Competition. She perfected herself with masters and artists such as Nadine Denize, Regine Crespin, Christa Ludwig, Gundula Janowitz, Irene Aitoff, Waltraut Meier, Jules Bastin, Walter Moore, Christophe Underwood, Charles Spencer, Jean Koerner,Walter Berry, Paul Schilhavski, Jean- Christophe Benoît, Robert Dumé…

She is currently a full professor of the singing direction class at the CNSM in Paris.. She is a jury at the international competition for the interpretation of French melodies in Toulouse. (2007). She recorded a disc of melodies by Fauré with Thierry Félix, another of French melodies under the Maguelonne label (music world). She has participated in multiple productions and performed in recitals both in France and abroad. : Paris, Geneva, Salzbourg, Prague, Bayreuth, Hanover, Athens… She participated in 2023 at the first edition of the Academy Songs of Ulysses. In 2024, elle formera lors de la 2e édition à l’accompagnement dans la classe de Chef de Chant.

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