Stéphanie Chêne is a choreographer, director and author. She boasts an eclectic career which is built around human encounters and her inseparable taste for theater and dance..

After a double training which she began in Limoges, at the conservatory and with Dominique Petit, she joined the Théâtre National de Chaillot school where she benefited from multidisciplinary training under the direction of Jérome Savary. She completed her course in choreography at the University of Paris V, notably with Josef Nadj.. She began both as a dancer with Christian and François Ben Aïm, and actress under the direction of Adel Hakim, Catherine Boskowitz and Nicolas Deletoille.

She then focuses on the choreography, co-directs the Cie Praxis where she creates and performs with Anna Mortley and Isabelle Catalan several pieces including : And, only, You danced there, Appointment. She then decides to leave the stage and put an end to collective writing.. She is a winner of the European Nurseries for Young Artists, obtains the Villa Medicis Hors les Murs for its trilogy : Tinkerbell had a shot, Peter Peter Pet ….Peter !!! and stupid. These pieces mark a turning point in his research where dance and theatricality are intertwined in a tragi-comic universe.

She also collaborates with many directors., for whom she signs the choreographies and physical writing : Pierre Guillois for The Awful, Sacrifices, The secret trick, Big crash out of nothing, The song of sighs, Julie Berès for The day after the party, Eyolf asked and the opera The Orpheus. The Octavios for Men at work, Heroines. Yann Dacosta for Loveless, David Gauchard for the opera The odyssey, 4th breath for Tu follow me (hip hop clown).

In 2016, she returns to the stage with her first text : Galloping ! autobiography of a dancer under a horse which she performs in a solo directed by Pierre Guillois.

She signs her first production Traces the ball, written and performed by Jean Louis le Vallegant, Then Something to tell you. for the vocal ensemble Voix Humaines.

Recently she co-signed the Detached with Yann Dacosta and Manon Thorel and signed the choreography of Bedroom 2 directed by Catherine Vrignault Cohen.

She contributes to numerous written projects with amateur audiences, which she considers essential to her research and has taught the dance report / theatricality at the CNSMPD and the EDCM of Montreal.

She begins in 2021 a new cycle of collaboration with cinema : The Olympics by Jacques Audiard. A One year one night by Isaki Lacuesta, Bess Wohl's Baby Ruby and Thomas Cailley's next film lThe Animal Kingdom.

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