Pilates and yoga instructor

Expert in the Pilates method, yoga teacher and physical trainer since 20 years, Emma Delahaye is certified by several international schools. She has developed an intelligent pedagogy, benevolent, and manages in a few sessions to bring people to be in harmony with their body and their breathing.

Author of several continuing education manuals, Emma Delahaye was during 15 years responsible for vocational training in STAPS at UPEC. She has trained many sports educators, served as an examination board, and writes for fitness journals.

Emma Delahaye worked in Parisian studios, and works today in close collaboration with physiotherapists, osteopaths, doctors, midwives… because she has oriented her career towards supporting non-athletes. Today his approach is based on the Pilates method revisited with current knowledge. She uses several types of yoga (hatha, Ashtanga, vinyasa…) and physical preparation techniques that she seeks to best adapt to the people she is addressing.

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