Concerts by J.S.. Bach and G.P. Telemann


Georg Philipp Telemann and Johann Sebastian Bach, friends of heart and soul, liked to break established rules and explore, each in their own way, the shapes and styles of the Baroque period. Hence our desire to bring them together in this program, without in any way opposing them, of course !

Disc produced with the support of ADAMI for the 250th anniversary of the death of Georg Philipp Telemann. Amarillis received the European labelTelemann 2017 for the quality of his work on this composer.


The Bulletin Board 3 ***

Musikzen Happiness guaranteed

Diapason 4****

Classic 3 ***

Fono Forum (Germany) 3***

Pizzicato (Luxembourg) 3 eighth notes

International Classical Music Awards 2018 Nominé

Toccata Early Music Current (Germany) CD tip


Musikzen { 06 avril 2017 } Marc Vignal

“A communicative enthusiasm. "

Go out here and elsewhere { 07 February 2017 } Pierre Aimar

"It's an effervescence of stamps, of instruments and colors. We would have liked so much to attend the meetings, conversations, consultations between these two monuments of baroque music, that Amarillis imagines them, reinvents them and engraves them for us on the record ”

The Bulletin Board { 22 mars 2017 } Loïc Chahine

"We always savor the warm, round oboe by Heloise Gaillard; we do not appreciate it less on the recorder, joined by the expert and enchanting traverso of Amélie Michel; we taste Violaine Cochard's harpsichord as a support for an always sharp continuo, as a brilliant but never intrusive soloist; same qualities, besides, at Alice Piérot, first violin and attentive soloist, specific, irreproachable.

What sets Amarillis reading, mostly, it's the right balance between the "big sound" and the absence of sleeve effects: the stamp of the set is round, powerful, fleshy, Even "punchy", but without brutality, without violence, without whirring, without excess, as, in short, of a natural and immediate seduction. "

Diapason { avril 2017 } Philippe Ramin

"Under a new evocative title, […] the Amarillis ensemble presents an anthology of particularly virtuoso and colorful pages of the German High Baroque. […] There is here material for pleasant jousting and refined conversations. With an opulent sound, Amarillis approaches these works with permanent driving energy. »

The Latest News from Alsace { 06 May 2017 }

"The Amarillis Ensemble, which received the European Telemann label 2017, […] signs this Effervescence concertante in which alternate two concertos by Bach and two by Telemann, dominated by the liveliness of music carried by the momentum of dance. A joyous effervescence. »

Music Education { avril 2017 } Patrice Imbaud

"Everything here is musical pleasure, dance and poetry thanks to the high-flying performance and eloquence of the Amarillis Ensemble. »

Classical { July 2017 } Philippe Venturini

« […] So that this color palette can express its diversity, so that this "Effervescence concertante" can sparkle, we needed an appropriate framework. […] The effervescence is felt in the energy that continuously supports each measure, as if the powerful inspiration heard before the first musical note gave general impetus. […] Tonic but without acidity, this effervescence is not likely to cause headaches. »

Pizzicato { 02 June 2017 } Guy Engels

 » ‘Effervescence Concertante’ […] not only reflects the tremendous creative power of the two composers, he also describes very precisely, how their music is played: sparkling, bubbly, overflowing with sonic creativity. ‘Amarillis’ always keeps the music moving, nothing is static in the interpretations, the sound and the rhythm are perfectly balanced. Amarillis delivers fluid, agile and sparkling performances of Bach’s and Telemann’s music. »

Chambers of Wonder { 02 avril 2017 }Jean-Christophe Pucek

"Amarillis had already surrendered ten years ago, to a beautiful foray into Telemanian land. New and brilliant personalities have come to enrich this collective, but its core remains unchanging, with a Héloïse Gaillard always very committed and concerned with expressiveness as well as sound fruitiness on oboe and alto flute, and a Violaine Cochard […] full of freedom, inventiveness but also attention to his partners on the solo or continuo harpsichord. […] This warmly captured record that, by not rushing anything, allows the qualities of musicians to express themselves harmoniously listens with an undeniable pleasure that successive listening does not exhaust. It is in this spirit of refined conviviality and flair that it should be tasted, like a window open to the coming spring. "

Toccata { 01 October 2017 }Robert Strobl

« […] A captivating performance that thrills us from cover to cover and not a single bang like an explosion.[…] Of course the Ensemble plays as it usually does, with freshness and insolence with creativity and vivacity, the technique is brilliant, the colorful stamp. The interpretation always remains fluid, in turmoil, in the wake of the composition. This first-rate interpretation sweeps us away like a clear mountain stream. And this interpretation corresponds well to the spirit of the composers whose richness of the scores, individuality and non-conformism are here perfectly highlighted. What we hear here is grandiose baroque music of very high quality. »

Effervescence Concertante | Evidence 2017

Released March 10 2017
Label Evidence classics
Distribution Harmonia Mundi



Heloïse Gaillard, baroque recorder and oboe

Violaine Cochard, harpsichord

Amelia Michel, crosswise

We have Wilmotte, recorder and traverso

Alice piérot, concert violin

David Plantier, violin I

Alix Boivert, violin II and viola

Laurent Muller-Poblocki, alto

Annabelle Luis, cello

Ludovic Coutineau, bass

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