After following the teaching of Elisabeth Joyé, he continued his training at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris with Olivier Baumont, Blandine Rannou and Kenneth Weiss. He deepens his knowledge by meeting personalities like Pierre Hantaï, Skip Sempé and Fabio Bonizzoni. Brice Sailly performs as a soloist and in recital at La Roque d’Anthéron during the Folles Journees de Nantes, at the Saint-Riquier Festival, Gaveau room, in Lausanne, at the Palace of Versailles, in Rome, Reykjavik, Buenos Aires and Tokyo. He benefits from a research residency at the Royaumont Foundation.

His last recording, Mr Couperin received the Diapason d’Or of the year 2021. Continue, singing leader and assistant wanted, Brice Sailly collaborates with numerous ensembles : Artaserse (Philippe Jarrousky), Accents (Thibaut Noally), Amarillis (Heloïse Gaillard), The shadows (Margaux Blanchard and Sylvain Sartre), The Celeste Banquet (Damien Guillon), Clematis (Stéphanie de Failly), The Caravanserai (Bertrand Cuiller), Nocturnal (Christopher Palameta), Another Mind (Olivier Spilmont). At the head of his whole, The Clear Room, he recorded a program dedicated to François Couperin for the Ricercar-Outhere label (Shock of Classica, 5 Diapasons). This year he will direct the Artaserse ensemble in Sartorio's Orfeo and the Namur Chamber Choir for the rediscovery of the works of Lamalle.

Open to other musical fields, Brice Sailly is a founding member of the Franco-Icelandic musical creation group Süsser Trost and has collaborated with B.O.X., Reverberation, Murcof et Marion June.

Invested in the field of pedagogy, he participated in the publication of the CMBV Découvertes collection and was appointed educational director of the support program for young professionals run by Arcal, Young Lyrical Scene. He works as a trainer at the Royaumont Foundation and with the Young European Baroque Orchestra. Holder of the Certificate of Aptitude, he teaches harpsichord, the clavichord and the basso continuo at the CRR of Saint-Maur.

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