20.08 - Chapelle Notre-Dame de Montplacé in Jarzé 24.08 - Festival de Sablé-sur-Sarthe Amarillis' 17th recording, Effervescence concertante, in newspapers La Double Coquette in newspapers Amarillis on Radios
Amarillis on Radios
The Amarillis Ensemble is to track or in replay on radios :
  • June 24th for Matthieu Conquet’s program Continent Musiques on France Culture
  • August 12th for La Matinale on France Musique
  • October 24th for La Chronique d'Anna Sigalevitch on France Inter
  • November 1st in L'Actualité musicale of France Culture
  • November 15th for La Matinale on France Musique
  • November 22nd in Passion classique with Olivier Bellamy on Radio classique
  • February 27th in L'Invité des Matins on France Culture, Annette Messager speaks about La Double Coquette's costums
  • March 6th  listen to Effervescence concertante in Carrefour de Lodéon on France Musique
  • April 11th for Lionel Esparza's Classic Club on France Musique
  • May 8th for Laure Mézan's Le journal du classique on Radio Classique
  • June 1st for Vincent Josse's La Récréation on France Inter
  • July 23rd for Marc Portehaut's Cantabile on Fréquence Protestante
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